The 4 Pillars of Building Wealth Through

Real Estate!

Joint venture with an expert real estate investor and learn the secrets!

Available in multiple schedules!

  • Week 1: Going Over Business Foundations & Systems
  • Week 2: Building Your MVPS & Land & Zoning
  • Week 3: Maximum Allowable Offer & Contracts/Negotiations & Scripts
  • Week 3: Maximum Allowable Offer & Contracts/Negotiations & Scripts
  • Week 4: Finding & Negotiations With Buyers & Sellers
  • Week 5: Discovering Tricks Of The Trade & Reviewing Your Deals
  • Week 6: Recap & Certification

Extra Bonus Materials & Upgrades Included & Weekly Homework

Includes Creative Real Estate Course:

How to Leverage Land for Large Profits

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Tons of Value for One Low Price

✓ Weekly live master class and QnAs

✓ How to buy and sell real estate with no cash or credit

✓ Setting up your real estate business, entity templates ,contracts and scripts included.

✓ Finding land leads and motivated sellers

✓ Contacting and Negotiating with sellers and buyers scripts included.

✓ Zoning, conforming and non conforming lots

✓ Using software to Assess value and pull comparable sales and property information

✓ Funding and investment loans for your deals learn how to build property builds wealth

✓ Automating your real estate business so you don’t have to cold call leads.

✓ Get Exclusive invites to my job sites, see how we build and get invited to my first container home project coming really soon

✓ Renovate the right way course access

✓ Learn why my properties sell up to $30k over asking price

  • How to fix and flip and avoid costly mistakes
  • How to choose between the 3 Rs
  • What to expect when renovating
  • How to streamline your renovation process
  • How to renovate to rent
  • How to renovate for large profits how and why my renovated flips are selling $30,000 over asking price
  • Bonus: How to strategically use hard money plus receive my recommended hard money lenders for your projects
  • Live master class and Q&A session included

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Do You Have A Burning Desire To Invest In Real Estate And Don’t Know Where To Start?

Look no further I am Giathehousegoddess your expert real estate investor coach!

Not only am I a COACH I’m a PLAYER in this real estate game, So I know all the tricks to ensure YOU WIN, that way you avoid unnecessary, common, costly, mistakes and losses so many new investors experience. My Creative Real estate course on how to leverage land for large profits will ensure your successful and give you great incite on several strategies that will help you create financial freedom and build generational wealth. These strategies allowed me to start investing with only $60 to my name and NO credit my first year doing over 1.3 million and acquiring millions worth of assets land and houses

So whether your starting with no money or credit or if you are starting with cash and credit you're in the right place!


My name is Gia Harris

and I am a full-time Real Estate Investor. I was once just like you, I had a burning desire to become a successful real estate investor but didn't have any cash or credit and wasn't sure about the right way to start. All I knew was I didn't want to work a 9 to 5 all my life and had a hunch Real Estate Investing was the way to obtain financial freedom.


Welcome to the top! I'm Gia The House Goddess and I am here to show you, teach you, instruct you and help you reach a level of lasting success in real estate investing. Resources, educational content and more. Real Estate Investing, Ground Up Construction & Real Estate Development.